Wedding Checklist

The Proposal:
  1. Should I Propose?
  2. When to Propose
  3. The Marriage Talk
  4. Asking Permission
  1. Wedding Budget
  2. Venues & Destination
  3. Design & Decor
  4. Timelines & Checklists
  5. Roles & Responsibilities
  6. Guest List
  7. Invitations
  8. Websites & Registries
  1. Venue
  2. Catering
  3. Entertainment
  4. Photos & Video
  5. Florist
  6. Wedding Cake
  7. Event Rentals
  8. Lighting & Audio
  9. Transportation
  10. Guest Accommodations
  11. Childcare Services
  12. Dance instructor
  13. Hair and makeup
  14. Planners & Coordinators
Wedding Attire:
  1. The Bride
  2. The Groom
  3. Bridal Party
  4. Guest Attire
  5. Special Roles
Pre-Wedding Events:
  1. Bachelor Party
  2. Bachelorette Party
  3. Rehearsal
  4. Rehearsal Dinner
Wedding Ceremony:
  1. The Procession
  2. The Vows
  3. Ring Exchange
  4. Readings & Rituals
  5. The First Kiss
Wedding Reception:
  1. Grand Entrance
  2. First Dance
  3. Speeches & Toasts
  4. Dinner Service
  5. Cake Cutting
  6. Party Time
  7. Bouquet Toss
  8. Farewell
  • Farewell Breakfast
  • The Honeymoon
  • Anniversaries
  • Traditions & Keepsakes
  • Marriage License & Certificates
  • Name Change Process
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Finances & Taxes
  • International Weddings
  • Immigration Issues

The Marriage Talk: Essential Tips for Couples Not Yet Engaged

Let’s set the scene. You’re cuddled on the couch with your better-enough-to-marry half, nachos are a-munching and Netflix is a-bingeing, and then bam! Your brain teases with a whimsical thought – “Are we ready to take the next step?”. Before you know it, you’re neck deep in a pool of anxieties, pondering the crucial “marriage talk”. (Yes, it’s a real thing, and you were living under a rock if you thought otherwise.)

The pivotal marriage talk is as essential as cheese on your pizza, folks – simply unskippable. It’s your clear view through the mist of doubts, a foundation stone laying the path towards a seamless journey of commitment. Not just about fairytale weddings, this talk is so much more. It acts as a reality check that includes but is not limited to ’till death do us part’ agreements and a potential lifetime of tolerating each other’s snoring.

In our article, we’re pulling the veil off this hush-hush topic, lending a friendly helping hand to couples tiptoeing around it. We’re dishing out guidance like grandma’s secret cookie recipe, but remember, every couple is unique and so is their special cookie (read: marriage talk), our aim is simply to provide the ingredients!

Along the way, we’ll unpack the meaning of marriage and its commitments, decipher the signs that say you’re ready for the notorious talk, and graduate to having the essential chat. We’ll also plunge into how to decode your partner’s response and maintain the healthiest communication post-talk, because let’s face it – discussing who gets to control the remote isn’t going to be a cakewalk. For those tough times, we’ve got your back with a guide on when to seek professional support, too!

Think of this as your road map to navigating that crucial chat, the potential calamities, and the triumphs. So buckle-up, lovebirds, your incredible journey is just about to take flight!

Understanding the Meaning of Marriage

Forget tiaras and cake-tasting, folks, we’re going to infiltrate the real-deal issues surrounding marriage – because, as we all know, life ain’t a huge slice of wedding cake. First and foremost, let’s pinpoint what it’s genuinely all about, aka the meaning of marriage.

What Commitment in Marriage Entails

Let’s get personal – you, me, and a little thing called commitment. We’re not just talking about Netflix loyalty, oh-no, marriage commitment is a real-life, grown-up, no-nonsense dedication. It’s saying, “Hey love, come rain or hellfire, I’m sticking with you.”

On a more serious note, this ain’t merely about being physically present, it’s about being emotionally and spiritually involved too. That means being there not only during the blockbuster premiers, but also during the tear-jerking soap operas and the cringe-worthy reruns.

Different Perspectives on Marriage

Flash news: Your partner isn’t your clone (thank goodness!). You two love birds may share a ginormous love for avocados, but it’s important to remember that your thoughts on marriage may slightly or drastically differ. Shocker, right?

Just like the topping for a pizza or the color scheme of your future home, marriage might mean different things for different folks and it’s crucial to understand each other’s perspective. Because, my dear Watson, if you can brave out this storm of differences, you can stroll through anything together. Trust me, nothing says togetherness like respecting and appreciating the ‘uniquely yours’ and the ‘authentically mine’ views on this big M-word thing.

So, wear those explorers’ hats and embark on this revealing journey as you dive deep into the vast ocean of mutual understanding. Remember, savor the thrill of unraveling the true essence of understanding in a relationship.

Timing the Talk about Marriage

Figuring out when to press play on your love stereo and have ‘The Talk’ can be as famously stressful as finding a misplaced engagement ring in a wedding cake. Want some wise-yet-spunky advice on this crucial timing issue? Buckle up, Lovebirds.

Recognizing the Right Time to Talk about Marriage

Chatting about your lives’ commitment isn’t an over-the-dinner-table small talk. It’s like the secret season finale scene after the credits roll – important, unexpected, and meant to happen at just the right moment. Your relationship is your script, and there’s no spoilers here, friends. Each partnership is unique and so is the timing of ‘The Talk’. You both should feel settled into the relationship, have a solid foundation of love, understanding, and mutual respect.

Signs You’re Ready to Discuss Marriage

There are no comic-strip lightbulbs that pop over your heads signaling it’s time to talk marriage. But, a couple of signs can make you go ‘Aha!’. For starters, if you’ve woven a tight quilt of shared experiences, mutual support, and growth, you’ve got a surefire signal. Are your families closely knitted, and you find yourselves in Christmas sweaters posing for a cute family photo? Another green signal. If you’re sharing life plans and can’t imagine your future without the other, you’re ready to tango with the M-word, folks!

Deciding on the Right Setting for This Conversation

Now let’s discuss ‘Where’. ‘The Talk’ isn’t a mosh pit announcement, it’s more like an intimate acoustic set. Choose a setting that’s peaceful, comfortable, and free from interruptions (I’m looking at you, buzzing cell phones). Whether it’s a cozy at-home dinner or a nostalgic hike spot, pick a place that spells significant ‘US’ in capital letters.

Remember, it’s all about bringing out your feelings and discussing the future without adding pressure. So, ditch the formal vibes and embrace a relaxed environment that allows your hearts to take a cozy window-seat and explore the journey to ‘forever’.

Key Conversations Before the Marriage Talk

Before you guys can even begin to contemplate the daunting “M-Word,” a few other lil’ chats need to slip off the old tongue first. It’s like the hors d’oeuvres before the main course, only instead of tasty shrimp and mini-quiches, it’s candid chats about life goals, financial expectations, career aspirations, and children. Sound intimidating? Don’t sweat it; we’re here with the lowdown on these crucial convos.

Life Goal Discussions

Imagine this: You’re dreaming of a modest cabin in the woods, with honeysuckle snaking up the porch, and your main squeeze thinks a hustle-bustle life in city’s concrete jungle is the bee’s knees. Yikes! Not quite the same wavelength, huh? That’s why it’s essential to discuss your broad life visions before getting hitched – or, at the very least, before getting down on your knee with a diamond ring in your pocket.

Discussing Financial Expectations and Perspectives

Money talk can be a bit sticky, more so than an overdone marshmallow, but it’s equally – if not more – important. Do you save every coin like Scrooge McDuck, while your partner likes splurging on Friday trips to Gucci? Better discuss it upfront. Money disagreements are one of the top causes of breakups, so remember: honesty is wealthier than any bank account.

Understanding Each Other’s Career Aspirations

One of you might be continually gunning for the stars (CEO, here we come!) while the other prefers a steady life with a 9-5 job. Dream big but also, dream together. Understanding each other’s professional goals can help you become each other’s cheerleaders. Now, isn’t that a shared career win?

Talking about Family and Future Children

Last but oh-dear-god certainly not least, it’s time to tackle the ‘to-kid-or-not-to-kid’ question. Whether you want a soccer team running around or are leaning towards the childfree life, it’s a crucial conversation to have. And trust us, you’d much rather talk these differences out now than discover them in the middle of decorating a nursery.

Discussion is the golden brick road to a successful relationship. It may contain a few potholes and diverging paths, but at the end of it, you’re standing together looking at a future you both chose. Now, that sounds worth it, right?

Having the Marriage Talk: Essential Tips

Transitioning from tossing the idea of marriage around like a beach ball on a sunny day to a serious sit-down heart-to-heart can feel as nerve-racking as attempting a DIY project without reading the instructions (Trust me, that missing screw becomes a nightmare). But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Honesty is key: Discuss feelings and fears

Let’s start with a basic yet profound truth: honesty is as critical as getting an accurate headcount for the wedding catering. This isn’t the time to sugarcoat your thoughts or to keep silent about your fears because those might pop up during the wedding like uninvited guests. Share your feelings genuinely and kindly; you’re not crossing a battlefield here, remember? The end goal isn’t winning; it’s understanding.

Encourage Open-ended Discussions

Ever tried gluing together a broken vase? How well did it sustain? Similarly, a “yes” or “no” won’t cement a marital future for you two. The idea is to encourage discussions that are open-ended. Think of it as a Pinterest board of relationship dreams – it’s a never-ending plethora of thoughts, ideas, and possibilities. This not only opens up comfortable and flowing conversation channels, it also helps you understand each other’s views and expectations.

Understand and Appreciate Your Partner’s Views

What’s the first rule of making a DIY project together? Appreciating and implementing each other’s ideas. Ignoring your partner’s views on marriage is like ignoring the color scheme your partner wants for your dream house. It’s important that you keep your ears open and heart receptive to your partner’s thoughts and feelings about marriage.

Reinforce Your Love and Commitment

Now, this part is as essential as remembering to put on the wedding rings! Yes, I mean it, folks. Reinforcing your commitment in the conversation is essentially the icing on top of your wedding planning cake. Your partner needs to be constantly reminded that you’re in the relationship for the long haul. It’s like whispering to your houseplants – they need to hear that they’re loved!

So take a deep breath, go with honesty, encourage the maybes-and-what-ifs discussions, appreciate the little nuanced views, and worry not. With these tips in your toolkit, you’re ready to have the Big Talk with the competence and grace of a professional couple counselor with a Martha Stewart crafting skills streak.

Decoding the Response

Alright, you’ve done it! You’ve had the marriage talk, braved the unknown and laid your heart out on the table. Now what? Now comes the Sherlock Holmes-esque part of our epic pre-engagement journey – decoding your partner’s response. Don’t worry, Watson, we’ve got your back!

Understanding positive feedback

Positive feedback may seem like all sunshine and rainbows, but hold your horses before you start making Pinterest boards for wedding planning. A positive response means your partner is also considering marriage, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re racing to buy rings. It’s vital to clarify what “yes” means. Is it a “yes, someday” or a “yes, let’s discuss timelines?” If no fireworks exploded during your talk, don’t panic. This is real life, not a Nicholas Sparks novel. The positive affirmation is all the sparks you need.

Dealing with a negative or unsure response

Not all roads to marriage are rose-littered paths. Sometimes, they’re confusing mazes with no clear exit (ask anyone who’s gotten lost in IKEA on a weekend). If your partner’s response is negative or unsure, it’s like getting lost in IKEA with no Swedish meatballs at the end for solace. But remember: Every relationship has its unique pace.

Keep in mind that an initial negative or unsure response isn’t a definitive no, but rather a “not yet” or “I need more time to think”. It’s crucial to appreciate their honesty and respect their feelings. It’s okay to feel disappointed, but use this as an opportunity to grow together and understand each other better.

The art of remaining patient and understanding

Patience, my dear Watson, is the secret ingredient to every successful relationship casserole. Having an understanding and patient spirit will not only smoothen the rough edges of your discussions but will also strengthen the bond between you two.

After the talk, give your partner the space they need to process the discussion – remember, not everyone can perform flawless pirouettes on the spot; sometimes it takes a few falls and plenty of practice. And most importantly, regardless of their response, continue being supportive, loving, and understanding. After all, you’re still a couple merrily in love, aren’t you?

Crafting a Healthy Communication Post-Talk

Post-talk, a friendly rom-com might suggest that you two just walk into the sunset (or the local ice cream shop for a sundae – you’ve earned it!). But the reality is, communication is a never-ending journey, not a destination, much like that endless road in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise (except with less car-flipping).

Maintain Necessary Communication

You’ve just had the Marriage Talk, folks. Yay you! Does that mean you can go back to chatter about whether pineapple deserves to be on a pizza? Not really. Maintaining continuous, open communication is crucial. Your partner isn’t a magical fairy who can read your mind – at least last time you checked. You had the courage to wage war against anxieties and discuss marriage – keep that spirit going!

Ensuring a Positive Atmosphere Post-Discussion

Your post-marriage-talk ambiance should feel like the after-effects of a spa day at home, not like the morning after a wild bachelorette party. Whether you got an enthusiastic thumbs-up or a cautious maybe, maintaining a positive atmosphere is crucial. Understanding, support, and a hefty portion of humor will help keep the conversation light and anxiety-free.

Continue to build trust and nurture your relationship

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a solid, lasting relationship – even the Colosseum took some time. Your relationship isn’t a one-hit wonder, it’s more like a classic rock album (you know, the one you kept hitting replay on). Well, keep hitting replay! Tend to your relationship like you would a delicate bonsai – with care, consistency, and a tiny pair of shears (Okay, maybe not the last one). Imagine this talk as a pinkie promise – it’s a gesture of trust. Having navigated tough waters, you are strengthening your bond, building trust, and claiming a piece of relationship mastery, you savvy love-navigator, you!

Professional Support When Needed

Admit it, we all got knots in our stomach at some point while discussing big relationship steps, like, say, marriage? And that’s okay! Sometimes it’s best to call in the experts. So, let’s go over the game plan on when you should rope in professional advice, what role do these counselors play, and where on earth—or the internet (it’s almost the same nowadays)—you can find some support groups.

When to Seek Professional Advice

First things first, it takes courage to admit you might need a little help along the way in loveville. No judgment here, folks! Sometimes, you may have weathered your fair share of emotional hurricanes, and these experiences may be influencing your marriage talk. Or perhaps, you and your partner are speaking two entirely different relationship languages and need someone who’s both a relationship Rosetta Stone and translator.

Can’t seem to get your point across without causing World War III? Or maybe every conversation about marriage ends with you both watching reruns of The Office to escape the discomfort? It’s probably time to dial-a-therapist.

The Role of Professional Counselors

Fancy a relationship sherpa? These brave souls can guide you up the mountain of misunderstandings to the peak of perfect matrimony discussions—sounds heavenly, eh? Counselors can provide fresh perspectives to your dilemmas and teach you valuable communication skills. They’re like an upgrade to your love-life operating system, patches included.

They’re not there to pick a side or tell you if you should get married. They’re there to make sure you each have a fair say, set boundaries, meet your needs, and soar over any hurdles together, or maybe even do a limbo under them if that’s more your style.

Online Resources and Support Groups

For those operating on a Craigslist budget, don’t break a sweat. The world wide web can be your budget-friendly relationship guru. There’s a plentiful buffet of online resources available, courses you can take, ebooks you can devour, and podcasts you can binge on that cab-ride home.

And let’s not forget about support groups. They’re like your favorite group-chat, but turbo-charged with heartfelt advice and experiences. Try sites like Reddit’s r/relationship_advice, or Facebook groups—they’ve got more company, camaraderie, and compassion than a pack of golden retrievers.

Bottom-line? Don’t fret if the marriage talk seems like a daunting mission—we’ve got a whole Batcave full of expert allies to help light the way.


Well there you have it, folks! We’ve just walked down the bejeweled pathway of (not-so-romantic but utterly critical) pre-engagement shenanigans together. I am sure you must be feeling like a psychological knight, donning your armor of comprehensions, ready to take down any dragon of confusion with the essential tips we’ve elaborately described, for initiating the transformative marriage talk.

A Sweet Recap

Remember the gems we’ve picked on the way. Timing is everything – don’t rush or procrastinate, look for the true golden moment. The crux before the climax talks about discussing life goals, finance, career, and the whole kids situation. Let us not forget, during the conversation, honesty is your best friend, foster open-ended discussions, appreciate opposing views, and sprinkle your assurances of love generously.

Embrace Open-mindedness and Patience

I’m now passing you the torch and here’s my request to you: maintain an open mind (probably like an open bar, but with thoughts) and deck yourself with the garb of patience. You’re having one of the most significant conversations of your life – it’s okay if it doesn’t wrap up in two minutes, or even two hours. It’s not an episode of a soap opera, after all.

In the End…

Leave your partner better than you found them – that’s a general rule, but doubly important here. Understand that these conversations will not only save you from potential pitfalls but also strengthen your bond (think… strongly glued fake eyelashes, but without the clumsiness). Hang in there, communicate, love, repeat. Remember, it’s the not-so-perfect, perfectly coordinated cha-cha of commitment that makes a marriage. So dance away to the rhythm of understanding (and possibly, ever-lasting love).

I have faith in you, my brave-hearted readers. Now, go make that quintessential conversation count!

Take Flight, Lovebird!

Well there you have it, folks! The nitty-gritty of the grand old ‘marriage talk’. If that isn’t catalyst for great conversation, I don’t know what is! And this merry truth wagon doesn’t stop here; it keeps on rollin’.

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