The Marriage Talk: Essential Tips for Couples Not Yet Engaged

Let’s set the scene. You’re cuddled on the couch with your better-enough-to-marry half, nachos are a-munching and Netflix is a-bingeing, and then bam! Your brain teases with a whimsical thought – “Are we ready to take the next step?”. Before you know it, you’re neck deep in a pool of anxieties, pondering the crucial “marriage […]

194 Proposal Traditions: Wedding Customs by Country

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the marriage proposal traditions of every country around the world, giving you a glimpse into the diverse ways love is celebrated and honored. There’s a good chance you’ll fast forward to a specific country of interest, and that’s fine — they’re organized alphabetically for your convenience — but consider […]

15+ Marriage Proposal Traditions You Should Know

Proposing marriage is one of life’s biggest milestones. Throughout time and across cultures, people have found different ways to honor the occasion, shaping a wide variety of traditions and customs around the world. Determining what traditions your engagement should include, or what customs your families’ may expect, is an essential step in the proposal process. […]

Should I Propose? (Marriage Readiness Test)

Congratulations! You’ve found the person who makes your heart skip a beat, and you’re considering taking the next big step: marriage. But how do you know if you should propose? Are they “the one”? Are you ready? Proposing to your significant other is an exciting and life-changing moment, but it’s also essential to make sure […]